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sometimes i wonder.

The silly munchkin.
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Wheeeeee bio xD Nothing much to little 'ol me, I promise i'm not complicated. I love to read, owe my life to Shakespeare and wish Harry Potter didn't own my soul. I liked Twilight before the fad, love being left handed and substitute my secret desire to write my own novel with creating silly H/Hr fanfiction. I'm an avid dancer because it makes me feel sexy and refused long ago to grow up. I love yellow and happy things, and see the positive side in everything, the glass is always half full. Disney is my guilty pleasure, as is Gossip Girl, but I swear I don't fit the typical GG watcher description. The easiest way to win me over is to make me laugh, always.

I am first and foremost a graphics maker, you'll probably see me around the Disney icontests, but I make all types of icons from Disney to Harry Potter to stock.

For my full works see my graphics community HERE at rustycarousel

As for adding, please feel free to post a comment in my friends post if you want to add me, because I don't accept randoms xD Just be sure we have something in common. ^^


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